Nikola Madzirov (1973) is one of Macedonia’s most distinguished poets. For the poetry from his book 'Relocated stone' (2007) he won both the Hubert Burda European Poetry Award and the most significant Macedonian poetry prize 'Brothers Miladinov'. He has published poetry, essays and translations. His poetry has been translated into more than fifteen languages and published in collections and anthologies in Macedonia and abroad. For his book of poetry 'Locked in the city' (1999) he received the 'Studentski Zbor' award for the best debut, while for his 'Somewhere nowhere' (1999) the 'Aco Karamanov' award. He is poetry editor of the e-magazine 'Blesok' and Macedonian coordinator of the international poetry net 'Lyrikline'.


Nikola Madzirov Poems

Shadows Pass Us By

We’ll meet one day,
like a paper boat and
a watermelon that’s been cooling in the river.
The anxiety of the world will... more »

When Someone Goes Away Everything That’s Been Done Comes Back

In the embrace on the corner you will recognize... more »

After Us

One day someone will fold our blankets
and send them to the cleaners
to scrub the last grain of salt from them,
will open our letters and sort them out by date... more »

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Comments about Nikola Madzirov

Zoran Vitanov 10 Nov 2017 01:58
Do you want to be sure do we people really have souls? Read his poems, and you will know for sure!
Vanja Veleva 15 Jan 2009 10:18
Very good poet, maybe the best