• A Farewell

    Farewell! Forget the days of trial,
    Of grudge, ill humor, misery--
    Tempests of heart and floods of weeping,
    And the revengeful jealousy.... more »

  • Freedom

    Oft through my native land I roved before,
    But never such a cheerful spirit bore.... more »

  • I Shall Soon Fall Prey To Rot

    I shall soon fall prey to rot.
    Though it's hard to die, it's good to die;
    I shall ask for no one's pity,
    And there's no one who would pity me.... more »

  • In War

    Hearing the terrors of the war, sore troubled,
    By each new victim of the combat torn--
    Nor friend, nor wife I give my utmost pity,... more »

  • Morning

    You're unhappy, sick at heart:
    Oh, I know it-here such sickness isn't rare.
    Nature can but mirror
    The surrounding poverty.... more »

  • On The Day Of Gogol's Death

    How blessed's the good-natured poet,
    With little bile and much emotion:
    All lovers of the gentle arts
    Send him sincerest greetings;... more »

  • The Love Letter

    Letter of love so strangely thrilling
    With all your countless wonder yet,
    Though Time our heart's hot fires have mastered,... more »

  • The Russian Soldier

    Then up there comes a veteran,
    With medals on his breast;
    He scarcely lives, but yet contrives
    To drink with all the rest.... more »

  • The Songs Of Siberian Exiles

    We stand unbroken in our places,
    Our shovels dare to take no rest,
    For not in vain his golden treasure
    God buried deep in earth's dark breast.... more »

  • Thoughts At A Vestibule

    Here's a vestibule. On holidays
    Overcome by slavish fear,
    The whole population, in a state of awe,
    Rushes to the sacred doors.... more »

  • What The Sleepless Grandam Thinks

    All through the cold night, beating wings shadowy
    Sweep o'er the church-village poor,--
    Only one Grandam a hundred years hoary,... more »

  • Ye Songs Of Mine!

    Ye songs of mine! Of universal sorrows
    A living witness ye;
    Born of the passion of the soul, bewailing
    Tempestuous and free,... more »