• A Soldier's Cry For Help

    I am struck by a bullet and lying on the battlefield
    Hardly can I move an inch, someone please help me!
    Bleeding endlessly trying to stop it, but oh God I can't.
    Death is in front of me laughing, saying 'oh what a pity'... more »

  • Endless Sacrifice

    You gave me an endless love, without any restriction.
    You gave me endless comfort, without thinking about yourself,
    But, I ignored you because of the beauty of another woman.
    Forgive me my love, I was blind and did not see your authentic beauty.... more »

  • Feelings For You

    The twinkle in your eye, my Love,
    Creates the sweetest feeling within me.
    I cannot explain that feeling, sweet love of mine,
    It is enchanting and will always remain a mystery.... more »

  • Forgiving Mother

    Please son do not hang up on me when I call you
    I want to talk to you; in words may be a few
    I know your priorities and responsibilities my son
    I want to ask “How are you? ” and then I am done... more »

  • Game Of Life

    I play my own game.

    I wait for no person... more »

  • Heartbroken Lover

    Uncharted territories I do explore every night and day,
    No dream or hope because my sweet girl has gone away.
    I have been misled by my own feelings every second,
    That my girl will come back to me, and I will be fecund.... more »

  • Imagination

    Sitting in the corner of my favourite coffee shop,
    Gazing at the people pass by;
    Pretty, ugly, tall, and short, which does not bother me.
    The only thing which excited me was thinking of you.... more »

  • Please Forgive Me

    Two years have passed by since our final 'good bye'.
    Memories of you still linger in my mind.
    I still can remember the day we met;
    It was the happiest day of my life, and it seems like yesterday,... more »

  • Street Child

    No mum's tender cuddles, no dad's tender patter,
    Nobody loves me because I'm a child in the gutter.
    No Christmas present, not even a candy for me,
    No Father Christmas because he don't know me.... more »