• An 80 Year Old Prayer

    -Nima Tharchen

    I am most blessed to have come across love before my death
    Fortunate to have friendship afore my last breath... more »

  • Crest Fallen Yet Again

    Crest fallen yet Again Nima Tharchen
    I must confess I did want you
    I wanted you to myself
    I was hoping you would feel the same way too... more »

  • Four Years Late

    As of today I am four years late
    Four years since our last date
    I was a fool then
    Like most men... more »

  • Lessons From My Past

    Keep your pocket money anywhere but in your pocket
    Never believe when bullies tell you there a surprise in the toilet
    Never sit in the middle row of the class
    It's sure that you will be hit by paper balls in mass... more »

  • Plain Pain

    Ask Caser, what true pain is
    A tale of true Pain, A story of his
    Doubly pain when stabbed by ones’ own
    Dying disgusted and disregarded... more »

  • Reason For Existance

    She untied it, puff! Opened her hair
    Flutter like prayer flags in the air
    Drifting in cold Himalayan air
    Like if it did not care... more »

  • Retribution

    Had I tried wearing a little make up
    Would that have stopped our break up?
    Had I not missed your last concert
    And ignored how you always flirt... more »

  • Shus

    I see her here and there
    But when we meet out of no where
    My blood runs to my face, I blush you blush... more »

  • Thank You For Letting Me Love You

    Although, you have decline
    Although, you aren't mine
    I must move on, tell myself "its fine"
    There is a limit to all, even love... more »

  • The Autopsy Of Requited Love

    Requited love is like an illness
    That has the victim sleepless
    The symptoms would not stop there
    But there is always the feeling of weakness and restlessness... more »

  • The Book Of Life

    My life is a book
    The table of content still in progress
    The preface and the first few chapters done with
    A lot of laughs, few cries... more »

  • The Cut And Scar Of Thunder Dragon

    People are people, wherever they are
    Forgetful are they of the wound
    Rather choose to repent and weep over a scar
    People are people, wherever they are... more »

  • The Encounter

    I seldom spent my time taking fragments from my past,
    But, solely her face appears from a string of cast;
    I met her in the most unusual trend,
    This is somewhat, how it happened.... more »

  • The 'Ing' In Misunderstading

    The bribe receiving happy constable gave my heart a ticket
    For he said, “Your heart was over speeding”
    One-sixty was the speedo meter reading
    Thus, leading to... more »

  • The Last Piece

    One a worn out paper he wrote
    His most honest work, his suicide note
    The words blurry the ink work mostly bloated because of his tears... more »

  • The Letter

    The letter
    Dear son, you are one fine kid
    Till now you have been successful in whatever you did
    Tomorrow is your first day of high school... more »

  • The Smile

    The smile
    I would carry out follies and come out of my usualness
    I would do this for a life time or just for a while
    Just to see a glimpse of thy smile... more »

  • The Spirit Of True Love

    When cast religion and color tends to burns turning ashes out of love
    That love was never a love
    Accidentally if it is called as love
    Tis' love that is not tough enough... more »

  • The Sum Of All Problems

    Some problems come in gangs while others alone
    A lone problem and a pack of problems
    Can make you groan
    Problems in the first place is like a habit... more »

  • Untitled 1

    I fell in love with her dreamy eye,
    It was like the clearest summer sky
    I suppose you fell in love her eyes too
    May be you saw the same things I did too... more »

  • Waiting Believing

    When she felt her first love,
    She dreamt of dreams undreamt of
    Of you she would think and talk most of
    She trusted you and believed in love... more »

  • What Really Happened That Night

    i. That Night was like no other
    ii. Perfection portrayed that night
    iii. it couldn’t get any better
    iv. It was haunting beautiful... more »

  • Who Will Tell It?

    Who will tell it? Crestfallen tharchen
    I can make my eyes stop staring
    I will shut it, I have seen you
    One of the most blissful fair being... more »

  • Why Must You Go?

    You are leaving, so!
    What's next, what do I do and where do I go?
    We are branches of a same tree
    I am nothing without thee... more »