• A Heart Felt Scream Of Child's Broken Dream

    I never thought I could scream,
    yet I never thought I would dream.

    In my life I've been struggling,... more »

  • A Soul’s Prayer

    Can I not hide from the darkness?
    Only God can provide my escape.
    For he the prince of darkness
    Can not hurt me when in God’s grace.... more »

  • Angel From Heaven Born

    Dance to the silent song
    Young angel filled with dreams
    Live your life to the fullest
    And mind not the opposite streams... more »

  • Between What Is & What Was

    Silent thoughts,
    Dwelling in untamed dreams.
    Winds of change howling,
    In the depths of human-beings.... more »

  • Black Winter Storms

    Dark winds blow,
    Red rages of seas arise.
    Although the darkness fades away,
    The cold rays of the sun wander astray.... more »

  • Come Resurrection

    New Chapters,
    New looks,
    New pages for the books.
    New dreams,... more »

  • Empires Of War

    Empires rise,
    Legions fall.
    Men and women live through it all.
    Empires fall,... more »

  • Fates Entwined-

    She's not here,
    Her, with the voice,
    Her, with the smile.
    She's not here,... more »

  • Finding Wisdom

    Deep into the night, with stars glittering in delight,
    A blind soul has finally gained back sight.
    Ripping pages from a diary,
    Written by him who lived in misery,... more »

  • Hallow Souls

    Empty thoughts,
    Forbidden dreams.
    Life isn’t as good as it seems.
    Empty hearts,... more »

  • In The Love Of Truth

    What would you do,
    If love was in your hands?
    If the gates of truth were in the horizon,
    But you’re told that the keys are mere mirage?... more »

  • My Angel

    Is this who I really am?
    Am I the girl you wished me to be?
    Am I strong as u thought I would be?
    Am I brave as should be?... more »

  • Ode To Innocence

    Of heavens and glories past stories were told
    Of heroes and knights fairy tales and dreams were made
    With delight and pure passions strings of gold and silver were weaved
    Into thoughts of beauty much too great... more »

  • Ode To Life

    When I speak of the pleasurable torment;
    That is my passion for you.
    I picture the world in its finest glow,
    And my eyes picture only you.... more »

  • Of Heaven In Our Souls

    Winds and tears,
    Dwelling in forgotten fears,
    In castles of silver and gold.
    We are expected to do with what we are told,... more »

  • Runaways I: Time For A Change

    I want to runaway.
    I need to find the truth, make a name.
    Find a place I call my own and start a game,
    Wherein, life and love are merely players,... more »

  • Runaways Ii: Haunting Loss

    An open window, an empty glass, a piece of paper wrapped in lace.

    One step, two step, three steps, four. I run across the bedroom and to the door.... more »

  • 'Somewhere'

    Somewhere inside my soul,
    There lies my faith in the world.
    I try to believe in the empty,
    But there’s nothing to see.... more »

  • The Bride Of Darkness

    I’m the black veiled pride,
    I’m lost, confussed, and blind,
    Disdainful to all that has delight.
    I’m the black widowed pride,... more »

  • To Know Who I Am

    This is the way of the world; this is the way of life.
    Don’t we all eventually die?
    Haven’t we all someday lived?
    This is the way of life.... more »

  • When Mean Eyes Cry

    Bitter sweet tears roll down my face,
    When he's gone without a trace.
    Bitter sweet tears, oh how they taste,
    Warm it feels against my face,... more »