• 1.To Be

    I was a doctor
    A teacher, a psicologist
    I´ve been a singer, an actress
    Composer, remained musician... more »

  • 2 Have

    I give
    You take
    We surrender
    We make... more »

  • 2.Estar

    Já fui médica
    Professora, psicóloga
    Estive cantora
    Compositora, fiquei musicista... more »

  • 2.Nina

    A bit of a woman, a lot of a girl
    Calm, quiet
    Talkative, errant... more »

  • 3 Am

    3 am
    And you´re still wandering around
    With a certain attitude
    Not looking for anything... more »

  • 4 U

    I tried creating a melody
    But the piano just wasn´t cooperating
    I tried painting your face
    But the colors weren´t enough beautiful... more »

  • A Lot Like Love

    And I don´t want u here
    But I don´t want u gone
    I don´t know much, but
    This is a lot like love... more »

  • A Song

    Sing me a song
    A song about dreams
    A song that tells me
    What´s meant to be... more »

  • A While

    And I haven´t thought of you in a while
    That particular thought hasn´t crossed my mind lately
    I wonder what´s gotten into me
    I´m healing, changing…maybe... more »

  • Absence

    My eyes miss your eyes
    My cheeks miss your smile
    My lips miss your kiss
    My hands feel terribly cold... more »

  • Abstract

    Sweet dreams intertwined
    to realistic illusions of mine
    Soft words connected
    to random thoughts I have neglected... more »

  • Achado

    Foi preciso você entrar e sair da minha vida
    Para que eu pudesse me encontrar
    Pronto! missao cumprida
    que tal, você agora voltar... more »

  • Achados E Perdidos

    Dor que se arrasta
    Solidão que embriaga
    Desejos abafados
    Anotações riscadas no ultrapassado calendário... more »

  • Adoring

    And i watch the clock ticking
    I look around as the days pass me by
    Thinking about you and I
    What´s not to remember... more »

  • Alcance

    Não sei se eu corro
    Ou se você corre
    Não sei se eu que apareço
    Ou você que some... more »

  • Além

    Nem tudo é o que aparenta ser
    Encontro me dentro de voce
    Tento viver mais e perguntar menos
    O silencio as vezes é a melhor resposta, eu sei... more »

  • Algum Dia

    Algum dia
    Não vamos mais evitar nossos sentimentos
    Irrefutavelmente... more »

  • Alive

    The cold wind
    Touches my face, cuts my skin
    Reminding me to breathe
    It cuts my chest open, touches my heart... more »

  • All Good Things Come To An End

    Said maybe you could be
    All the things I need
    Careless and free
    Feeling your body against me... more »

  • Allure

    Sitting here
    And can hardly sleep
    Cause it seems to me
    That my pain may be... more »

  • Am

    I know
    Beyond the things i show
    I can see
    Beyond the things you show... more »

  • And I Waited..

    And I waited
    For the night to turn into daylight
    For the storm to bring me sunshine
    I can´t say that I have waited in vain... more »

  • Another Chapter

    I have laughed genuine laughter
    I have cried necessary tears
    I have stood out when I really wanted to disappear
    I have held things very close to my heart... more »

  • Ante

    Mente pensante
    Sobre um corpo errante
    Guardando em uma mão
    Cenas de um desejo flutuante... more »

  • Apago

    Escrevo, erro
    Apago, reescrevo
    Persisto, não desisto
    Existo, insisto... more »