NS Niraj Srivastav 18th September

With Master's in Business Administration (University of Allahabad) and Doctorate in Management from University of Canterbury, he is a successful entrepreneur with business interests in real estate, education and Foods.

Fond of rich, oily food, and all things unhealthy, he lives in Allahabad, with his wife, Smita, and Mastiff - Samrat!

His wife, Smita, keeps busy playing Candy Crush, and keeping her flock happy, attired and fed! She loves all things healthy!

His son, Devesh, is pursuing Medicine at Frankfurt, Germany, (successfully!) and daughter Riticka, is pursuing her BBA (Hons) at Gurgaon. In her own words ' Business Maths is pursuing her! '

Samrat, the Mastiff, is happy being his smelly self! !



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