I was born in 29th july 1980 and did my schoolin in a village high school and completed college eduction.I was a parellel college teacher teaching literature both malayalam and English poems. But now working on some administerial job in a company in gcc.

CONTACT ME: niranjanforunila@yahoo.co.in


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The Corridoor Of Love

It's from the corridoor of my heart
I hear a light murmering of love
Like a gentle breeze, it begins to float
In the depth and deep valley of my soul... more »


She accompanies me wherever I go
She is my only fellow traveller
She sees, hears but never speaks
Why she is so silent?... more »

The Unseen Messenger....

Dreams travel miles a day
To convey the thoughts of a day
Beyond the waves, beyond the sands
Bearing the minds in its hands.... more »

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