• She

    She accompanies me wherever I go
    She is my only fellow traveller
    She sees, hears but never speaks
    Why she is so silent?... more »

  • The Colour Bow

    Pappa, look there's a rainbow in the sky
    A bow of colours looking so marvel
    If I get an arrow I 'll use this bow
    To conquer the world of colours... more »

  • The Corridoor Of Love

    It's from the corridoor of my heart
    I hear a light murmering of love
    Like a gentle breeze, it begins to float
    In the depth and deep valley of my soul... more »

  • The Sorrow Of A Hedgehog

    I hear a deep mourn of pain
    It's from a hedgehog's vein
    For it is prevented feom action
    Its reason kills its passion... more »

  • The Unseen Messenger....

    Dreams travel miles a day
    To convey the thoughts of a day
    Beyond the waves, beyond the sands
    Bearing the minds in its hands.... more »