• For You...

    As I sit here at my desk
    Memories of you fill my mind
    I recollect our days at 3
    When we would sit side by side... more »

  • He Told Me...

    He tells me to trust him, but how can I...
    After everything he has put me through - all those lies!
    I have been crying out and shedding tears the whole day through
    And he tells me, don't cry - I really love you...... more »

  • If...

    If life were a little simpler
    There would be so much more I could do
    For instance, I would smile a lot
    And live each day through and through... more »

  • Lessons Of Life...

    Life teaches harsh lessons
    When you don’t learn it yourself
    It puts forth many chances
    Which you ignore and not care!... more »

  • Love Is Here...

    Let me in...
    Said love one day
    I've finally come
    To answer your prayer...... more »

  • My Memories

    Strange is the relationship we share
    2 bodies but one heartbeat is there
    When one hurts, so does the other
    Sadly this friendship cant last forever!... more »

  • On Valentine's

    On this special day
    All I’d like to say
    Thank you for all the love
    And care that you brought my way... more »

  • Thank You Friend...

    Best times of my life
    Are the ones I spend with you
    Just dont realize
    How the day gets through... more »

  • The Other Side...

    Glancing outside my window
    I see many beautiful birds
    flying to and fro,
    far above the earth.... more »

  • Top Of The World...

    I feel on the top of the world
    I don't know the reason why
    I feel like smiling and hopping
    On the grass that lies nearby... more »

  • Wake Up! ! !

    Wake up my friend
    Look at the world around you,
    Widen your horizons
    There's lots you can look forward to.... more »

  • When? ? ! ! ? ?

    I feel my world fallen apart,
    There are broken pieces of my heart,
    I ache and scream in pain,
    But nothing helps; alas in vain.... more »