Hi.Thanks so much for visiting me on poemhunter.
About me, the lesser said the better
(I'd rather let my poems speak for me!)

Still, for the record, it goes without saying
that I'm something of a dreamer (What do you think
I am on this website for? Online Trading? ? ?)

I'd like to believe people when they tell me I'm
adorable; and I would also like to believe I stopped
growing after school. Therefore, it baffles me that I
scraped through Engineering AND an MBA: since then,
I've never ceased to believe in miracles.

Born in what the Tourism folks tout as God's Own Country
(didn't know the Almighty had his favourite
bit of real estate) , I've always considered me

I hope to bring to you some of all these- my dreamer's muses,
my zest for life, the magic of living and believing, my little fortunes etc.
well, life's never been rosy- so if you really read between the lines(pun intended) ,
you might discover a Very Different me!

Please feel free to post your comments on my literary adventures.
I hope that I shall have all the time in the world to read all your
poems and share your thoughts...

So there- Happy Reading!



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And I'M Loving It!

Cluck-cluck goes the bullock cart
Lub-dub goes the beating heart
I try to keep pace with the rhythm
Like footsteps towing a beating drum-... more »

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Praneeta Tiwari 04 Jun 2015 03:06
Beautiful poem...aap ne to is kavita ke zariye jeevan jeene ka raaz bata diya... your poem flows..... like water from a beautiful waterfall, your poem gurgles and finds it way out to meet the ocean of variety, beauty and creativity I wish I could write like you... abstract, creative and perfect...
Nitin Suresh 02 Jul 2008 12:29
why have you stopped writing..check out new point..dancing...