• A Case Against False Christianity

    Albert Einstein says, "Small is the number
    Of people who see with their eyes
    And think with their minds."
    People are made to believe... more »

  • An Open Letter To Young Learners

    You are a citizen of the global village
    See yourself as an employee in Washington DC
    Or Shanghai, London or Lisbon, Madrid or Cairo
    What do you need to be able to function successfully?... more »

  • Avoid Aids

    If you love yourself,
    If you love your family,
    If you love your friends,
    If you love your clan,... more »

  • Better Late Than Never

    The carnage and wreckages on our roads
    As epitomized by corpses, broken vehicles,
    Broken limbs of men, women and children
    And goods that will never reach their destinations... more »

  • Christ Was Is And Will Always Be

    Christ the same yesterday
    Today and tomorrow
    Rings the wordings of the Holy Writ
    Christ is God with us in all Nations... more »

  • Clouds Amaze Me

    The clouds never cease amazing me
    They have an exceptional beauty
    Like no other part of nature
    They move and change... more »

  • Decision Sunday

    Statistics show that Christians
    Have fought more wars than others
    Christians have harmed more Christians
    Than all the others pitted against Christians... more »

  • Desertification Drives On

    Desertification drives on
    We must be very watchful
    And above all, unhypocritical
    As we sometimes do... more »

  • God Gave Me All

    God gave me one eye
    So that I can see
    He gave me two eyes
    So that I can see clearly... more »

  • God Graciously Gives Great Gifts

    Every second God receives
    Billions of supplications and petitions
    From different people in different languages
    In all the nooks and crannies of this globe... more »

  • He Died Standing

    He died standing
    In a Banquet Hall
    Waiting and wanting
    More of what the world offers all... more »

  • Homo Sapiens

    How wise is man?
    And how did he come by such
    An appellation when he is who
    He portrays himself to be?... more »

  • Love Is A Race

    Love is a race
    Once we are born
    We begin the race
    To look for and run... more »

  • Merry Christmas

    Give a child a book at Christmas
    And you will make it rich and tall
    Give a child extra food at Christmas
    And you will make it fat and foolish... more »

  • Mind Setting

    One is born free but everywhere he is in chains
    So professes the Western sage
    As a baby, they begin to drum in hard
    The exclusive elements that isolate you... more »

  • My Best Friend

    Who is your best friend?
    Mine is a good book
    He makes me laugh and cry
    With a joy that embellishes my soul... more »

  • New And Old Books

    I feel good each time
    I get a new book
    A new book may
    Not really be new... more »

  • Noise

    I cannot bear it
    But it is everywhere
    Noise is in the market place
    Noise is on the streets... more »

  • Nothing Has Changed

    They have mixed everything up
    So you have to look keenly
    To see that nothing has changed
    The word Christian was an insult... more »

  • Prayer

    Pray always for yourself and others
    Repent of all your iniquities
    Ask God for forgiveness and blessings
    Yahweh will grant you... more »

  • Prayer For The Nation

    Lord we have all sinned
    And fallen short of your glory
    Look with pity on us
    And grant us forgiveness... more »

  • Religious Packages

    In the beginning was the word
    The word was made flesh
    And it dwells amongst us
    So also does it hold... more »

  • Stop Environmental Degradation

    If I were you,
    I will stop for once and ponder:
    Where am I? Where am I going?
    What am I taking away?... more »

  • Suck Away

    There is enough for the grab
    For all people in all climes.
    God couldn't have created His people
    Without correspondent resources... more »

  • Temptation

    Satan tempts you
    To do what is in your
    Power to do and achieve
    Feats which you have the... more »