• Ahh... Sports

    Life's a bore, here's some chore
    Pick up your gears, join the tour
    Tag your spouse, break a sweat
    Grab a tutor, take the heat... more »

  • Ang Surot

    Isang gabing yao'y ako'y natutulog
    Sa isang kamang napakalambot-lambot
    Putragis na surot susundot-sundot
    Sa pagkabigla ko nama'y ako'y napa-utot... more »

  • Animal Curiosities

    Birds, animals, legs, legs, legs
    Tables, chairs on supported pegs
    Legged fish, evolving tetrapod
    Others familiar, others look odd... more »

  • Animal Offsprings

    Bird, fish, animals everywhere
    Know their names, as a baby bear
    Cub, pup or chick they're called
    Wondering what have you been told... more »

  • Basta'T Kapiling Ka

    Ang buhay ko’y sadyang sa ‘yo.
    Pagkat giliw ikaw lamang.
    Ang tangi kong sinisinta,
    Sinasamba’t pinakamamahal.... more »

  • Classic Movies

    Classic movies, our thing of past
    Memories linger, surely would last
    A thing of beauty, is joy forever
    Of John Keats’s poetry, a nature lover... more »

  • Edges And Extremes

    People, places, metals and streams
    Trivial boundaries, edges and extremes
    Records showed as those we're kept
    Tracking things, small through inept... more »

  • Even Only In My Dreams

    It’s such a bittersweet how it feels in our hearts
    Where we’ve lost each liberty to demonstrate our love
    But I will profess my rights for that cherished affection
    And I will worship you, even only in my dreams... more »

  • Famous Lines

    Famous Lines, catchy phrases
    Oddly couples, friendly faces
    To err is human, forgive divine
    Traces and memories, nursery rhyme... more »

  • Have A Great One

    Sick of movies, these crazy quizzes
    I’m off the track, have lots of misses
    Meandering task, I’m on a rush
    Thursday feeling, I must, I must... more »

  • Here I’d Rather Be

    Here I am daydreaming places I’d be
    Where people like singing songs
    And laughter echoes all night long
    I can’t go wrong... more »

  • It's Been A Long, Long Time

    Here I am, in a state of mind
    I’ve been looking for the right time
    Wondering where I’ve ever been
    But boy, looks like it’s coming to an end... more »

  • Maybe Tomorrow

    I don’t really like when the day is gray
    The sun has seldom shown on a rainy day
    Though I really hate myself to let you go
    All my selfish love is for only you.... more »

  • Movies And Characters

    It's time once again to check some more scenes
    Surf Dot Com online and get them film
    Don't have that movie, then ask Mr. Dave
    That's no problem, he'll make you save... more »

  • Movies And Characters 2

    Featured Movie DVDs are on sale
    In Discount SuperCenters everywhere
    At $5 a pop, it's great a deal
    I wouldn't miss it, I'm for real... more »

  • Of Myths And Teammates

    Thursday grind, here's the treat
    Gods and goddesses, heroes or myth
    Monster and dragons, blast from the past
    Sons and daughters, which way would last... more »

  • Signs And Symbols

    Billboards, posters, show me sign
    Restaurants, menus, love to dine
    Icons and symbols here and there
    Some so vulgar, it's hard to bear... more »

  • Sometimes

    So, why have you fooled my heart dear?
    My love is you forever and only you.

    Sometimes, sometimes I dream of you... more »

  • This Crazy English Language

    English is crazy, we do explore
    Singular and plural, probe for more
    If goose for geese and tooth for teeth
    Why isn't the plural of booth, beeth?... more »

  • You

    Every time that I see your face, it made my day
    And each time that I see you smile, it blew me away
    In my dreams I long to kiss you
    In my arms I want to hold you... more »

  • You Are What You Are

    Beneath that happy face, vulnerable and blue
    That mystifying laughter, so emotional but true
    Amid countless hindrance, a shrouded beam
    You are what you are, a beautiful thing... more »