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Bamboozled, what is bamboozled?

Bamboozled is trickery used on another person with strategies of the mind.... more »

Mr Miyagi

Mr Miyagi, an old wise man and karate teacher doing his thang Chinese Food and Chinese Sifu teaching be like water karate dude.

Mr Miyagi, a Master of Kung Fu and a wise Godly man patient and not rude.... more »

It's International Poetry Day

International Poetry Day this is the day where poets are celebrated on the day March 21 yay! hay!

International Poetry Day it's world poetry day long let's leave room for some of the most honored poets and Hall of Fame inductee poets that are all poetically ok.... more »

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We all have issues to meet with God.
We all have issues to meet with God.

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Prabir Gayen 24 Feb 2019 06:32
Noel you are a very talented poet....God bless you ❤