• 7th Day

    today is the 7th day i'm clean
    today is the 7th day i haven't done anything obscene
    today is the 7th day i didn't make a scene
    today is the 7th day you can see me... more »

  • Heaven

    in heaven is where i am
    i don't want to be here
    i don't even know who i am
    in english terms i would be considered a jane doe... more »

  • Love

    loving you forever is what i plan to do
    minnie without mickie is me without you
    so many days go by and you stay on my mind
    it's like cupid came way before valentine's... more »

  • What Do I Do

    i don't know what to do
    do i go or do i stay with you
    do i be myself or do i be someone unknown to you
    do i take my life or do i stay alive... more »