• End Of Me

    Carving away the flesh as pale as the stars
    Strawberry gashes as red as the wine
    Swirl over the bone ivory as snow
    Tearing away what people see... more »

  • Razor's Edge

    Deep Underground
    My voice drowns away
    On those darkened wings
    Farewell to the light of day... more »

  • Serenade Of Nothing

    On a delicate thread knitted by desire
    A dancer performs
    On glass
    Waltzing... more »

  • Suicide The Right Way

    Where do you stay
    When there's no one to hear your cries
    You know that angels they betray
    Hope breathes one last time... more »

  • Sweetest Perfection

    Through the eventide I feel I cannot leave you
    Words softly spoken into the abyss they fade
    Through these feelings everything in view
    Careless, lines have been visibly made... more »