• [the Solution]

    You know, when I am around you, I am starkly aware that I don’t understand all of my feelings.
    [or how to express my fearful thoughts]
    I do not know how to explain this to you.
    [and I am afraid that if I do, you will laugh at me- or worse- ignore me.]... more »

  • -1

    If it is true
    that there is only one person
    in the world
    for each other person... more »

  • 1.5 Miles

    It's not a big deal to someone
    Who could do it in their sleep
    To someone who couldn't fathom
    Waking up one day, and not being... more »

  • 1.75 Miles

    34 minutes
    I remember when that much time
    Would have garnered me
    2 Miles... more »

  • 10: 27 Am

    ... more »

  • 31

    31 days ago,
    a promise was made-
    Write one poem a day
    for 31 days.... more »

  • 4 Chocolate Kisses

    What is threatening to
    undo the lbs
    I've so painstakingly
    gotten rid of?... more »

  • 5 Days A Month

    I am in the
    midst of a
    drought.... more »

  • 8 Days

    How is it
    for you to
    fall in love... more »

  • A Frivolous Poem

    A photo
    Nine years ago
    Happier times
    'I look so young'... more »

  • A Look Back

    I looked into my life
    I didn't like what I saw.... more »

  • A Question For Faith

    I question Faith.

    Faith,... more »

  • A Vacation Day

    Yesterday, I wished I had a day off.
    Just one day off from numbness
    Just one day off from weakness
    Just one day off from pain... more »

  • A Word Of Advice

    What do you say?
    What do you say
    to someone who is
    inconsolable?... more »

  • Alive

    I read the most exquisite promise
    I heard the most beautiful song
    I listened to encouraging words
    I wrote down my soul... more »

  • All Alone

    I don't blame you
    For thinking I'd be sad.
    And I was, for a while-
    Maybe.... more »

  • All Is Quiet On My Planet

    Today it's not coming
    There's nothing to say
    There's nothing to explore
    There's nothing to convey.... more »

  • Almost Done

    8 more days to go
    8 more days to fret
    8 more days to grow
    8 more days to realize this is not truly bliss... more »

  • An Issue Of Trust

    I do not allow
    into my heart.... more »

  • And The Door Is Shut To Happiness

    No happiness Im so sorry,
    you, my dear, are uninvited.

    Better luck next time ok?... more »

  • Apples And Oranges

    I will never understand a person
    Who buys apples
    And are mad that the apples don't
    Provide orange juice!... more »

  • Arrgh

    Not a real word
    just a word to express
    like... more »

  • Ask Me

    It tickles me
    when you seem so
    wondering exactly... more »

  • Because You'Re Worth It

    You know one person,
    or you've known one person
    who was jealous of you.... more »

  • Big Love

    I Do Not Love You

    Words not said
    as often as they... more »