• Pink Grapefruit

    So you wonder-
    what exactly does the
    do?... more »

  • Plea

    I don't know how I got here
    I do know
    I don't like it here
    Father, please save me from this... more »

  • Please Answer Me

    Why do you say
    you 'hate' happy
    people?... more »

  • Procrastination

    I have swept the floors,
    and the windows are clean,
    the silver is polished,
    home fit for a queen...... more »

  • Punk

    I'll let you off the hook
    I will bow out gracefully
    Even though, you're pretty much a
    PUNK.... more »

  • Realizations

    They have a way of creepily
    Rising - a ghost of memory
    Wielding very heavy thoughts
    That whisper at first, but then gradually... more »

  • Restless

    Lousy weather
    cloudy skies
    cool on one hand
    humid on the other.... more »

  • Sadness

    It wearily wanders
    Seeking rest.
    I sometimes wish
    My being weren't so... more »

  • Sigh Of Relief

    I get sad
    too sad, when I dont get external support, encouragement and praise
    it sucks.... more »

  • Somebody Lied To Me

    Someone lied to me
    when they said
    time heals all wounds.... more »

  • Stain Resistant

    Your ignorance will not rub off on me
    I refuse to inhale it
    I will hold my breath when I’m around you... more »

  • Suggestions

    When I tell you what is in my heart
    DO NOT tell me about some diet/pills or book that you truly believe will help me.
    Help me what?
    Grin and bear it?... more »

  • Tangible

    It surprises me
    that I am not jealous of you

    well at least not in the way... more »

  • Thank You For Another Day

    I felt my heart speed up
    but it wasnt the good kind.
    It beat too fast,
    it no longer wanted to be... more »

  • The Button

    I don't want to go
    I sound like a 5 year old
    But it is a chance I am willing to take
    To express exactly how I feel.... more »

  • The Cleansing

    I feel like having a good cry.
    A mighty cry.
    A cry that would wash out all that troubles me.... more »

  • The Patient Speaks

    Today again I face the tube.
    I remember the hell of the last time
    The humiliation
    The indignity... more »

  • The Poem Of Unrequited Love..With A Twist

    The love you speak of
    is mesmerizing.
    You speak of acacias
    and of the happy childhood... more »

  • The Problem With Wishes

    Wishing will make it so
    Isnt that what Glenn Miller said?... more »

  • The Race

    Im running this race
    With no end in sight
    I do not run
    For the ending... more »

  • The Reason

    What it took me so long to understand
    Was that what you put forth as fact
    Were actually your
    Hopes, Wishes, Dreams…... more »

  • This Feeling

    No way to run forward
    No way to retreat
    Being stuck in this feeling
    Sucks... more »

  • This Is An Angry Poem

    I woke up

    Not angry enough to cuss... more »

  • This Is Not A Love Poem

    In 30 days, I haven't written
    A love poem -
    Proof that I'm over you.
    I'm pretty sure... more »

  • This Poem Is Poison

    I'm sick and tired
    of writing poems
    that this site
    and its non functioning cookies... more »