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As Oscar Wilde said
'Those that find ugly meanings in Beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault. Those who find Beautiful meanings in Beautiful Things are the cultivated. For these there is Hope. They are the elect to whom Beautiful things mean only Beauty.'



Nomad Goggs Poems


Oh wolf, you have ravaged for far too long,
Running through my mind, my heart and my dreams,
Stealing a childhood, shattering my night- times,
Tearing away at my vulnerable seams.... more »

The Only True Freedom, Is Freedom From The Heart's Desires.

Travel light a friend once said to me,
'Yeah right' i thought with my big screen TV,
but over the years I've changed my view,
now i know there are very few things truly essential to you.... more »

Swimming In Strange Waters.

So here I am, warm, supported, floating.
Neither atop or bottom of this new ocean, happy yet unsure.
Wherever I swim I feel the same distance from all points, comfortably unfamiliar.
Never fearing drowning, yet unable to reach my destination.... more »

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