• A Void Of Black

    The drugs they give make me a spaceman,
    I wake, get up, don't know where I am,
    I sleep, I eat, therefore I am,
    There must be more, There must be more.... more »

  • Counting The Days.

    When i came to the lodge there were two ways to go,
    carry on drinking and go with the flow,
    or find myself, at last, from beneath all the masks,
    and release my true self, too late, but at last.... more »

  • Equality, A Plea.

    I love you more than words can say,
    In fact this is a clumsy way,
    To say I won’t treat you like blokes gone by,
    I wanna make you smile, not cry.... more »

  • Forever.

    Sometimes we say forever, when really we mean now,
    But things can change, things can change, things can cange and how.

    Passionate words are spoken, we mean them there and then,... more »

  • Getting The Picture.

    Yesterday I was confused,
    But now I'm not,
    Which is Nice.... more »

  • Grey.

    Red alert, Blue tooth,
    Economical with the truth,
    With us, against us, fundamentally,
    Anothers perspective, never see.... more »

  • Innocence And Ignorance.

    I hope to shield behind my Karma,
    protected by my innocent grace,
    yet when i look a little further,
    the smile fades quickly from my face.... more »

  • Listen To The Rabbit.

    So many times I hear people,
    telling me what they don't like,
    don't like this, don't like that,
    and that's a load of shite.... more »

  • My Muse, My Love.

    You know, I think I’ve cracked it, and finally broke the code,
    A truly rare occurrence, inspired me to write this ode,
    You see I really think I’ve found her, the one that’s here for me,
    I truly do believe so, I’ll have to wait and see.... more »

  • Ode To Fatboy.

    So here I sit, looking at my cat,
    if you'ld never met, wouldn't think she's all that,
    but if you got to know her personally,
    it all becomes pretty plain to see.... more »

  • Romania, And The Corporations Move East.

    Cars and watches may make you feel flash,
    humanity judged by the amount of their cash,
    but some of the richest people I've met,
    haven't even heard of Macdonalds yet.... more »

  • Swimming In Strange Waters.

    So here I am, warm, supported, floating.
    Neither atop or bottom of this new ocean, happy yet unsure.
    Wherever I swim I feel the same distance from all points, comfortably unfamiliar.
    Never fearing drowning, yet unable to reach my destination.... more »

  • Syphon.

    I healed her soul by giving up mine,
    Vampiress sucking my life blood.
    It started as a transfusion, a willing donation,
    But ended nearly finishing me off.... more »

  • The Hardest Thing (The Gertish Lush Of All) .

    The hardest thing you can ever do,
    i can only speak for me not you,
    is walk away from what you love,
    not giving in and releasing the dove,... more »

  • The Only True Freedom, Is Freedom From The Heart's Desires.

    Travel light a friend once said to me,
    'Yeah right' i thought with my big screen TV,
    but over the years I've changed my view,
    now i know there are very few things truly essential to you.... more »

  • The Suspense Is Terrible, I Hope It Lasts*.

    I would wait a lifetime to feel her touch, her touch,
    it means to me so much, so much,
    The only one with more patience than me,
    must be a doctors‘ surgery.... more »

  • Wolf.

    Oh wolf, you have ravaged for far too long,
    Running through my mind, my heart and my dreams,
    Stealing a childhood, shattering my night- times,
    Tearing away at my vulnerable seams.... more »

  • You And Me.

    Walking home in the sun,
    After an evening packed with fun,
    My thoughts are full, full of glee,
    As I think of you and me.... more »