• A

    one box falls out of another box, ashy covenant of separation
    two birds, one clamp, no reaction just hanging there as the arrow moved
    notes put the map back into the water... more »

  • from "In Our Own Backyard"

    You can't imagine what it's like here. In her past
    life, she was a clandestine operator in ancient
    Egypt. In a past life she had her heart ripped out,... more »

  • Of Human Bodies

    Here the subject thinks "there could be flowers" or "the water was a bit disturbed when the ring fell in." All that, painted from said things, pleases it. That explains all things except for Ovid's exile which we will probably... more »

  • Riptide

    There's a shadow over the city
    the light, as usual, framing and erasing

    Just say you... more »

  • Sarabande

    "and then looks at
    the stars" from the
    bed in the ambulance... more »

  • Variations on Some of Dante's Last Lines

    And move and hold back
    entering by the highroad through the words
    and fall like a person hit by sleep... more »