• Addiction

    For he who would through
    needle seek, some other land
    where free from pain, the sun
    shines brightly and there is no... more »

  • Dust

    Is there someone under my bed?
    There's lots of dust, Mum said,
    When Grandad died last year,
    I never cried a tear,... more »

  • Fat And Fun

    The experts say
    that sex each day,
    is the answer to
    recreation.... more »

  • Fear Not

    Fear not that I will speak of things
    I should no longer speak of.
    For unspoken words ring louder
    sometimes, that the shout from... more »

  • Garden Buddha

    He sits out in the garden,
    if I may beg your pardon,
    and he sits there if it rains, or in the sun.
    He does'nt seem to mind,... more »

  • Hiding Faces

    In the depths of velvet mind,
    there dwells the one who no
    one knows, save for those moments
    when he shows, in torment or in... more »

  • Just Another Day

    Petals open in the morn,
    faces turn toward the dawn.
    Like golden orb, the sun climbs high,
    or raindrops drip, like a tear filled eye.... more »

  • Letter's Home (A Soldier's Lament)

    Just a note to say farewell,
    I won't be coming home this time.
    For my blood lies spilled upon the
    sand of foreign clime, so far away amid... more »

  • Looking

    When the evening comes and the sun has lost it's power,
    When old men sit, to while away the hour.
    When darkness creeps across a cloudless sky,
    I see you once again, in my mind's eye.... more »

  • Morris Minor,

    I bought a Morris Minor,
    well, I thought there's nothing finer,
    with its dark green paintwork
    and its wooden dash.... more »

  • Old Ted

    He sits alone upon his bed,
    his aging fur threadbare.
    I've always called him just old Ted,
    cos he was always there.... more »

  • One More Day

    I do not know, it is the truth,
    was life much better in my youth.
    When every love, each jug of wine,
    those hours of joy, I took for mine.... more »

  • Passing Time

    And what about tomorrow,
    for it's never far away.
    Will it fulfil the hopes and dreams,
    thay we have made today?... more »

  • Robin's Cough.

    The Robin sat coughing,
    one morning in June,
    as he stood in the snow
    on a wet afternoon.... more »

  • The Lamb

    The Ewe and her lamb had strayed into
    the garden and were leisurely grazing
    in the vegetable patch,
    The Lamb was wearing the old man's cardigan.... more »

  • Yesterday

    Oh yesterday, where have you gone,
    so fast you slipped away,
    while I in my naive way thought
    your sun was here to stay.... more »