Norman Beresford Tebbit, Baron Tebbit (born 29 March 1931), is a British politician. A member of the Conservative Party, he served in the Cabinet from 1981 to 1987 as Secretary of State for Employment (1981–83), Secretary of State for Trade and Industry (1983–85), Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (1985–87) and Chairman of the Conservative Party (1985–87). He was a Member of Parliament (MP) from 1970 to 1992, representing the constituencies of Epping (1970–74) and Chingford (1974–92). In 1984, he was injured in the Provisional Irish Republican Army's bombing of the Conservative Party Conference in Brighton, and his wife Margaret was left permanently disabled.

Born into a working-class family in Ponders End, Middlesex, Tebbit went to Edmonton County School, an academically selective state school in north London. He was then a journalist for the Financial Times before serving with the Royal Air Force, during which he flew Meteor and Vampire jets and once had to break open the cockpit canopy of a burning Mosquito aircraft to escape from it. On leaving the RAF he joined BOAC in 1953 as a pilot, during which time he was an official in the British Air Line Pilots' Association. He was elected MP for Epping in 1970 and then for Chingford in Feb 1974. He is recorded as an MP member of the Conservative Monday Club in 1970.


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He didn't riot. He got on his bike and looked for work.
Norman Tebbit (b. 1931), British Conservative politician. speech, Oct. 15, 1981, Conservative Party Conference, Blackpool, England. On his unemployed father during the Depression. Tebbit's speech, contrasting his father's self-help approach with the attitude of rioters in Britain during the previous summer, was received with a rousing ovation at the conference, but provoked widespread controversy in the country at a time when unemployment stood at three million.
It is certainly safe, in view of the movement to the right of intellectuals and political thinkers, to pronounce the brain death of socialism.
Norman Tebbit (b. 1931), British Conservative politician. Times (London, April 26, 1988).
Parliament must not be told a direct untruth, but it's quite possible to allow them to mislead themselves.
Norman Tebbit (b. 1931), British Conservative politician. Quoted in Observer (London, March 17, 1991).

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