Hi! Myself Rigzin Norbu. 'Novicenobu' is my pseudonym and as the name clearly suggests I am a novice an amateur. I have no idea regarding verses, how to use assonance, where to stress or where to use a couplet, how to write in a pentameter, I write whatever comes out of my heart. My ideas for poems or jas sum random scribbling whatever you wanna call it, can germinate from anything to everything a song a poem a quote a word a person a part anything..... I write coz it gives me a sense of pride of creating somethin, something that you might not understand but is close to my heart......


Novice Nobu Poems


What's my faith
God they say
Who's he
I shall ask... more »

Love - Hold It

Hold it
while its still alive
For its gentle... more »

House By The Sea

They lived
in a house by the sea
he and she.
Where sun sheltered... more »

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