• A Night

    A cloudy day,
    Dazed and insulated
    Light another cigarette
    (Choices are all that we need to keep moving)... more »

  • New Year's Eve

    People, Cars, food and wine
    floating bubble signs - moving together,
    holding hands, pieces
    of a spiral line.... more »

  • Rolling With The Current

    Walking by your shore,
    Passing what has been
    To what will be,
    The rain has come to fill... more »

  • Stood Under A Cliff One Day

    Under the familiar overhanging shadow
    of an un-scalable peak,
    count the blades of grass,
    and the roots that stick out,... more »

  • The Futile

    In my mind
    like wisps of smoke... more »

  • The Vacant

    See her,
    'a deep breath,
    tread the pattern.... more »

  • Threes

    A paradigm in acceptance of loss, of pain…

    For the war he waged, witness
    discolored stain,... more »

  • Trio

    -In Permanence-

    If this was a slice of paradise…
    where would you be?... more »

  • Vision Quest

    A vision of bronzed sculptures
    on a shimmering surface
    inlaid with pearls and
    sapphire rubes.... more »