NH Nurul Hoque 08-03-1965

Nurul Hoque (born 08 March 1965) is a poet and essayist from Bangladesh. Mr Hoque has written several books but thirteen books of poetry is well known in his native. He has been engaged in creative writing for some 20 years.
Early life and career of Nurul.
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Nurul was born on 08 March 1965 in the District of Comilla (Village Porikot, Gunabati) of former Tripura, Bangladesh, In the last century he marked as a poet and essayist in Bengali and English literature. In contemporary, poetry has been developed as his own style as clean and mind blowing like fresh air from south. Mr. Nurul and his creation is as a strongest tree rooted in fertile soil of his native watered by rivers and spreading its green & twigs towards up of greater international poetical view. His English poems already attracted readers worldwide. Mr. Hoque is a Bangladeshi citizen by birth but he a citizen of the whole world in mind & heart, creation & expression, and well themed. He is known as soft and mildness person and great lover of universe always. His poetry has translated in many languages like Rumanian Taiwanese and Chinese.
At his early life, he worked many places in his country but did not stable in a point to continues till end of life due to poetry. Mr. Hoque sacrificed all pleasure, earnings of wealth for poetry and grounded himself with main stream of literature at capital city Dhaka.

Some famous Books
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Jora patar shoko gatha (poems)
Nishither podaboli(poems)
Doly Mon shonkay (poems)
Aloukik Ondhokar(poems)
Jol pori Nil pori (rhymes)
kanday porbot kanday bristy (poems)
Chinnovinno pongthimala (Poems)
Sonnet Gucca (Poems)
Amakey khondito kore (Poems)
Ek Muthu Chaya (Poems)
Chander Chikey Jol (Rhymes)
Vhorer Choke Putche Pul(Rhymes)
Dughobati Joler Nodi (Poems)
Nirbachito 100 kobita (Poems)
Barae Uthi (Poems)



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poet Nurul Hoque you are a good Human being and poet sir
you are a good Human being and poet sir