• A Fortune Teller’s Felicty

    He was standing in front of the prison gate,
    four gigantic monsters like mortals accompanied him.
    Whether there were cheers or furious voices behind,
    he can’t seem to remember. As presumptuous as he was,... more »

  • A Mother’s Synagogue Of Sin

    She was just four months old
    When the woman first saw her,
    Her little toes were blurred in crimson red,
    And her cheeks despite being pink felt so cold.... more »

  • Emotional Algebra At Loggerheads

    I intently looked at him but he avoided my gaze
    Least vexed he was as for him it was just a passing phase
    For love needs no season but an exchange of eye
    That will melt the heart and make the rest vie.... more »

  • Everyday’s Ordinary Mess

    ‘Let go off the quilt’ she said
    It belongs to me.
    It has my initial in a corner inscribed.
    Can’t you just see?... more »

  • Seasons Of Becoming

    I don’t want to grow, yet I am growing.
    moans and groans of ache and desire pull me down,
    and all grows on me as if I am some dead while living.
    I had to part with my wishes, with happiness, with every little of me,... more »

  • Spasmodic Vacuities

    Figment of unwanted fantasy became true,
    the worst nightmares ever I was put through.
    As all my feasible fears hid under the garb
    Of shameless veil.... more »

  • When Our Ways Parted…….

    It was neither sorrow nor joy,
    I felt like a torched toy.
    Dismembered, abandoned, and tussling alone in an empty shelf.... more »