Write to express the passion in heart or from Stars fallen I draw with words to be grateful to'em.


O. C. Woods Poems

Garden Days

Build up things that will perish soon through easy wind
broken kaleidoscope and road told awful but I'm not blind
green gems on dark lively earth and her litle woodhouse shines
many pictures of different posture sweet Love of ours... more »


Sleepless nights in rows made of friends shinning through
when being grateful is being happy despite the blue

driving across France from east to west... more »

Dark Cloaked Tree

Once again I've passed by the tree saw that it was still there
floating with wind, the grim figure waits in dark orchard
trying to pass by to realise that I am running from scare
the cloaked tree now walks downward... more »

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Comments about O. C. Woods

Lily Mccambridge 21 Oct 2013 03:34
Your poetry is real and refreshing. I enjoyed every one.
Sara Fielder 05 Aug 2012 09:12
O. O is a remarkable poet. She writes with hypnotic imagery and beauty. Anyone who is not reading her work is definitely missing out.