• ...Whatever It Takes

    If this heart would break eventually
    Let it break
    But for the days I will love you
    I want it to be true... more »

  • A Means To An End

    That moment when everything fades
    ... When everybody seems to disappear
    That very period in time when the horizon seems to grow cold
    The lights go dim; pace covers little.... more »

  • All Is Well

    ... more »

  • All On You

    Like speed booster
    They compel you
    Like ants moving their food
    So are you being pushed along... more »

  • Anambra Air

    Throughout my life as a traveller
    Throughout my days as a youth
    I have never seen the breeze of the air
    But the air of my motherland surpasses all... more »

  • Apagón

    Revealing distance in the dim
    Mingling thoughts in the mind film
    Like Makahiya when poked
    Evolution of the closed... more »

  • Are People Really As Happy As The Smile They Wear On Their Faces?

    People, embodiments of scorching fire
    People, blaring bullets of cold sharp ice
    People, images of the horned rattle snake
    People, an avatar of shattered broken glass... more »

  • As I Close My Eyes

    As I close my eyes to sleep
    In deep worry I live a life in the day
    Day in, day out I make a pledge that will stay
    Stay till I meet my creator... more »

  • At My Death

    At morn dew drops within
    Making afternoons reflect the sun ashore
    The peak of merry made man
    Gearing you towards the regular not known... more »

  • At The Brick Of The Morn

    Distant sounds of the dropping rain
    Feeling of the racing skies rummaging my mind
    Tinted dark of the night wrestling the incoming light
    Happy cocks crowing on tree tops... more »

  • Behind All Shutters.

    Behind all shutters...there is a life
    Far beyond all lenses, there is an eye
    Such that peeps to give awesome shot
    Shutters...up and down they clatter... more »

  • Believe Me

    ... more »

  • Betrayed Trust

    Like raindrops from the sky
    So are you
    Leaving me to hold to my lost self
    Liking you to a wheel speeding on earth... more »

  • But A Tear

    Like drizzling dew
    Falling from a place high
    Reaching unworthy ends
    Drying up like fuel... more »

  • Could Wish But You

    To you I owe a heart
    Veins that cannot be detached
    To you I owe a fruit
    Flower which cannot either... more »

  • Death To Love

    ... more »

  • Did You Ever Know

    ... more »

  • Do You Really Love Me?

    A mind question a lover asks
    Sometimes answered
    Most times fluttered
    Fluttered in deception... more »

  • Dream Held

    ... more »

  • Forgetting Who?

    Life without one
    A separation without course
    The sound from beyond the rivers
    Driving it all home... more »

  • From An Admirer's View

    All from without he looks
    Eagle wings on the loved one
    Desiring nothing but a wink
    Gaining none but a deep stab... more »

  • Haiku In Life

    ... more »

  • If I Knew Then

    Against my will I took to it
    Against that force I made a choice
    A choice like the shadow lost
    Empty spaces now I find... more »

  • If Only Pigs Fly

    Hopefully you clench unto deception
    Such as come from your cloned mind
    Taking me not less than mere filth
    The filth of your incorrigible actions... more »

  • Immortalising You On Your Birthday

    Foetus were you till the successful break, out of the walls of dark and blood
    This day 11th September went auspicious when you were given to ten fingers
    Though I'd never existed then but fate brought my existence your path till today
    Today I remember how we met, our caught up glances turning smiley gaze... more »