Octavio Paz March 31, 1914 – April 19, 1998

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From world literature scene Octavio Paz is my favorite, I just start to translate Paz's poem. One week ago I already translate these as: Across, As One Listens To The Rain, Axis, Between Going and Coming, Brotherhood, Counterparts, Last Dawn, No More Clichés, Passage, Spaces, The Street, The Bridge etc from poemhunter.com. I think next year I can publish a book on Paz and his Peoms.
A great poet of the world. He is one of my favorite poems since my university life. I did not know then that my lot will lead me to his country. I feel now happy that my beloved Alma Lorena Lopez Velazquez is a nymph of his country.
Hey yo! i like to prove a point by identifying the mistakes, hence i like your poem ' Between Going and Coming'. I also compose poems & you can find them on www.poemhunter.com/kfmproductions Have a nice day! Mr. Koena France Mokoena Cell: +27710329734
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