• A Broken Poem

    I hear the broken music of your tears.
    I listen, heartful to the drumming of your heart
    And read the silences between.
    Sad tune by sad tune you hum the sorrows... more »

  • A Mermaid 's Tear

    Oh that I had a mermaid's tear,
    Two silver chalices of life and death
    Then would I gallantly without fear
    Journey with blade fixed in sheath... more »

  • A Picture Of You

    I took a picture of you with my eyes 
    Which I would've given to you as a surprise.
    To the photo-lab of my head it went. 
    There it was processed and sent ... more »

  • A Shadow's Sonnet

    I used to be: but now a dingy shade,
    A slight affair, an ill recalled side show.
    In times when the sun crowns your lighter head
    I become a mere shrink beneath your feet.... more »

  • A Work Of Art

    To be there is to steal the beats of beautiful women's drums and find nowhere to play it.
    To be there is to watch the sea lick the dimming sun to a sad finish.
    To be there is to stand in the worn out shoes
    Of dead men and cry the end of their lives.... more »

  • Alive

    Sometimes I think my time is near
    First, I wonder, then I fear.
    What praise of me will ring from ear to ear?
    What compass have I left in my rear... more »

  • Black Sheep

    Black sheep among a crowd of white heap,
    I keep memories of fools in a cool sweep.
    I am steep peep; well, that's deep.
    I am a black sheep failing to feed a white fox... more »

  • Born Too Many Times

    'Repent, old man, and be born again'
    So the clergyman said to Grandpa.
    Grandpa with a frown on his wrinkly face replied.
    'Well, my son, I will be born too many times,... more »

  • Bread And Butter

    Bread and butter
    Our fathers said it with a stutter
    We blamed their time, we blamed their choices
    It's our timeto lose our voices... more »

  • Change

    Follow the steps of ancient feet.
    Rest your arms on grandfather's chair.
    Old skins drum a better beat;
    Trophies won from combing grey hair.... more »

  • Close Your Eyes And Open Your Dreams

    Weary lover with heavy eyes, call it a night.
    Your sleepy smiles fade on your sleepy cheeks.
    Close your eyes and open your dreams.
    A silent slumber awakens the imagination with its noise.... more »

  • Contemplating Marriage

    Oh that my heart a homely girl might seize!
    For the old egg of philandering is broken
    Spilled is the yolk of revelry
    And spilled too is the white of night stands... more »

  • Count Me A Failure

    If to embitter your smiling heart
    And flow the tears on paths
    Where there should be blushes,
    If to steal from your approving eyes... more »

  • Dream Again And Again

    Nights like this produces charms
    Of your grace in my heart;
    For night after night have I been in your arms
    But the light of morn tears you and me apart... more »

  • Enough Of What Literature Can Tell

    Enough of what literature can tell
    And revered choirs sing.
    The common must give room to the extraordinary.
    The minuscule, like a seed neglected,... more »

  • Foolish Gentleman

    He couldn't hurt a fly.
    He has killed an elephant
    So it is in this generation
    Who by studious contemplation... more »

  • Haiku

    ... more »

  • Heart, Fall

    Heart, fall and realise the depth.
    Sink! This dream is too shallow;
    Carry your wonder and your youth.
    Reach for the deeper silence,... more »

  • How Do They Love Again

    How? How?
    How do they heal,
    those who bleed from love?
    How do they love again... more »

  • I Dreamt About You

    I dreamt about you
    There is always a burning passion in my dreams of you.
    It's as if the thoughts of you is a fire
    Consuming me slowly and slowly and slowly,... more »

  • I Was Dreaming

    Alone, a lonely night with dull light from the  moon shining,
    I, when all cares had been cared for, was upon my bed reclining,
    My feet  were weak from walking
    My lips were shut from talking... more »

  • I Will Never Miss You

    Sweetheart, though our love be separated by distance
    Though geography tries its uncanny tricks to put us apart
    Never wonder if I will in some instance
    Lose the affection that swells in my heart.... more »

  • Kiss From A Distant Love

    The grass is greener where I squat,
    My heart is bluer too.
    Amidst the quietude of my yearning heart,
    Silence whispers a thousand words.... more »

  • Let's Love Today

    The sweetest things are what quickly fly away;
    The bitter ones perch too long.
    A sunny smile that bear mirth's ray
    Quickly dims into tears before long.... more »

  • Loneliness

    It is the longing that sweetens the welcome
    And loneliness proves worthy the company.
    A lover lost taints the heart from time's cure
    For when love is and now is no more... more »