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Some one mentioned that Ogden Nash wrote a poem about his daughter Linell. It would have been in the 50's? Can anyone confirm this? If it is true does anyone know where I could find it please as i would love to read it. Many thanks.
opening line is 'Adolecence Adolecence How I love thine incandescence 'and the last line is: I'd like to be present `I must confess, when thine own adolecents adolesce
When I was at school in the 1960s we had an arts competition and I read a poem by Ogden Nash. I’m sure it was called ‘The English Language’ and had a line ‘a jumper is a thing you wear and a jumper has to leap’. Unfortunately I can’t find any trace of it anywhere. Can anyone else recall it? If so, where can I find a copy.
Looking for a poem called Adolescence
I'm looking for a poem aobut telephones, and elephants. The words in it include telephong, and elephunk. Is this an Ogden Nash poem?
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Nash had a line in one of his poems that included the idea that if he had a million dollars he would write a book and with the million he would buy all his books concluding that he would be rich living off the royalies and he would have a bunch of really good books. Anyone know the poem?
Ogden included in a poem a play on the word gorgonzola.... who knows this one?
Question. There's a poem about cocktails. One verse is... There's something a bout a martini... ...It may be the vermouth, but to tell you the truth I think it's the gin. Or something like that. Does anyone know the name of the poem, or that verse?
I was taught a Nash poem many years ago, I thought was called November: No morn no noon no night no noon November. Has anyone ever heard it before?
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From _Many Long Years Ago: _ THE PARTY Come Arabella, fetch the cake, On a dish with silver handles. Oh mercy! Feel the table shake! Lucinda, light the candles. For Mr. Migg is thir-ty, Is thir- ty, Is thir- -ty. The years are crawling over him Like wee red ants. Oh, three times ten is thir-ty, Is for- ty, Is fif- -ty. The further off from England The nearer is to France. The little flames they bob and jig, The dining hall is breezy. Quick! puff your candles, Mr. Migg, The little flames die easy. For Mr. Migg is for-ty, Is for- ty, Is for- -ty. The years are crawling over him Like wee red ants. Oh, four times ten is for-ty, Is fif- ty, Is six- -ty, And creeping through the icing, The other years advance. Why Arabella, here's a ring! Lucinda, here's a thimble! For Mr. Migg there's not a thing- 'Tis not, I trust, a symbol! For Mr. Migg is fif-ty, Is fif- ty, Is fif- -ty. The years are crawling over him Like wee red ants. Oh, five times ten is fif-ty, Is six- ty, Is seven- -ty. Lucinda, put the cake away. We're going to the dance.
For years snippets of a Nash poem come to my mind near my birthday: The years are crawling over us like wee red ants. Put away the cake Miranda, we're all going to dance! I have googled this repeatedly from year to year, with no success. Please help! I know I read it in a Public Speaking class in high school, about 1963. Redding, California.