• 2014!

    sweet as tangeRINE,
    delicious as sarDINE,
    smooth as vaseLINE,
    God leads you beside the still waters: its seRENE,... more »

  • A New Nigeria Is Possible

    My tea I sip,
    As I stare out of the ship... more »

  • Feed One

    Will you FEED ONE?

    Our life consists not in the abundance of wealth & riches but of purpose & impact... more »

  • It Rains And It's Cold

    It rains, and it's cold
    I grab my blanket, and it's old
    I need a hug, one that's bold
    I need hot tea, a joy to behold... more »

  • Merry Christmas

    Like a ferry, our sins He came to carry,
    Even when we were not sorry, even when his favor we did not curry.
    His love is sweeter than cherry and deeper than that which makes us marry.
    He said ‘cast your cares on me and have no worry'.... more »

  • Resurection

    Their agenda was sinister
    They set him up and had him killed; they were bitter

    They thought they had ended him, but after... more »

  • Welcome To July!

    As wealth principles, you apply,
    Your needs, God will supply.

    There will be joy in your sanctuary,... more »