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Life Is Beautiful But In Vanity It Lies

If the Saviour had yielded to the temptation
by bowing down at the beautiful but wicked feet,
would the world still be a better place?
I think you know the answer,... more »

I Tried To Be, But They Discouraged.

I tried to be a politician, but they said my mind was too flexible, politics is for devilish mind.
I tried to be a soldier, but they said I was not tall and hefty, guns are for hefty men.
I tried to be a writer, but they said I did not have a prolific mind and my language was not cleared enough.
tried to be a lecturer, but they said I was too young and lack experience, my students would not listen to me, I tried to be a trader, but they said it was a job for the women.... more »

A Disillusioned Sacred Heart

Disillusioned sacred heart
about to be exposed,
about to be mocked by the infidels
so lonely and cold, even in the summer.... more »

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Ogunfusika Blessing 16 May 2017 08:00
this is a heartfelt poem