• A Disillusioned Sacred Heart

    Disillusioned sacred heart
    about to be exposed,
    about to be mocked by the infidels
    so lonely and cold, even in the summer.... more »

  • A Lamentation For My Country's Soldiers

    I wish to cry out the anguish of our military men.
    they defend,
    they are defending,
    they die while defending,... more »

  • I Tried To Be, But They Discouraged.

    I tried to be a politician, but they said my mind was too flexible, politics is for devilish mind.
    I tried to be a soldier, but they said I was not tall and hefty, guns are for hefty men.
    I tried to be a writer, but they said I did not have a prolific mind and my language was not cleared enough.
    tried to be a lecturer, but they said I was too young and lack experience, my students would not listen to me, I tried to be a trader, but they said it was a job for the women.... more »

  • Life Is Beautiful But In Vanity It Lies

    If the Saviour had yielded to the temptation
    by bowing down at the beautiful but wicked feet,
    would the world still be a better place?
    I think you know the answer,... more »

  • Ode To Idanre Hills.

    'O famous and enormous hills
    sited in an ancient town,
    the pride of the sires,
    I salute and adore thee.... more »

  • Ogbeh Chinasa Happy

    Insooth, my heart palpitated fitfully
    when I dauntedly made myself your suitor
    but hope finds a place in my heart
    and form a counterpoison to my daunted physiognomy.... more »

  • To My Living Dead God

    He says you are mighty and full of wrath
    crowns trembles when you call out,
    you derive pleasure in drinking palm wine,
    your holy water, as it was called.... more »