• Bleeding Love.

    I used to love you, i still love you, i'll ever love you.
    Smiles we shared, you now shed.
    Hopes we both tread, you now tend.
    Times we both counted/used, now go tickling by your eyes.... more »

  • Borrowed Codes

    In holes we lay our folds believing in tomorrow
    That todays sorrow will become hollows,
    If today we borrow tomorrow we'll burrow.
    Though the land is fallow and the harvest shallow... more »

  • Can I Have It?

    Can i have it?
    Can i have a taste of you again?
    I tasted it once
    It tasted sweet, creamy, sumptuous, yummy... more »

  • Democracy And The Nigerian Woman

    Laid on her palms, gold, silver and jewelries
    Of indigenous quality, not like the old path
    That made her scream for justice, but for now that
    Gives her choices.... more »

  • I Am Free

    I want to be free!
    I want to be free as possible
    I want to live a life free of figs
    Free from things that made me think I'm timid.... more »

  • Lost Strengths

    When sudden smiles turns sour, silence creeps in stealing talents
    replacing hopes with dreads, then the desire for a better life calls for feed within thousand ripples, or may be more.
    Those letters can only link a parchment, can't restore lost fragments.
    Words are better done than said when life counts slowly on beats.... more »

  • Promises Turned To Hurt Me.

    I made some promises, few ones
    Long, long, sometimes long ago.
    I made few promises to myself
    My heart and my future.... more »

  • Survival

    Turn the gold round my neck, and i'll hold you close to me,
    Choose to keep me closer, and i'll call you mine.
    Keep me in your bossom, i'll keep feeding your bowels
    Say you'll stay forever, i'll live with you forever.... more »

  • The Night After

    How long can I rely on this deep sigh of yours?
    Do you mean every gesture you’re showing now?
    Is this gonna be a lasting treasure
    Or a random memory, that’ll bring painful pressures…... more »

  • The Past Few Days

    The past few days
    I have heard voices i can't understand.
    The past few days
    I've heard the moon speak tales, tales I’ve long foreseen.... more »