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Oko Emmanuel Agi Poems

This Is Nigeria

This is Nigeria
Where the sounds of bomb blasts have become the music of the city
And the best music group goes to the group, Boko Haram
But each time there perform, lives are lost.... more »

Dearest, Keep Fighting.

I know the waiting has been long
And being successful seems like
What is never to come... more »

The Market Girl I Saw

My heart was touched, even without you cutting through my chest
I heard you were coming towards me, but still I stayed
Until you came and went on your kneels and you begged... more »

Oko Emmanuel Agi Quotes

Dearest, beware of those who promise you heaven, yet never talk to you about GOD
Agi Nuel Oyi
Dearest it's not that love is scarce or doesn't exist anymore, it's just the people who are willing to love and those that are worthy to be loved that seem scarce and nonexisting.
Agi Nuel Oyi
dearest, The size, texture and smoothness of a woman's chest has nothing to do with the size of her heart or what she's capable of doing with it
Agi Nuel Oyi

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