• Dearest, I'm Sorry

    My thoughts are made of you, I think of you day and night
    My eyes are marvelled by your rare beauty, I am yet to meet your kind
    Must I wait till Wednesday so I can pour out my heart for you my heart?
    And recently when I saw you looking so beautiful I was tempted to ask "Dearest, have you been feeding on make-ups"?... more »

  • Dearest, Keep Fighting.

    I know the waiting has been long
    And being successful seems like
    What is never to come... more »

  • Ras Kimono

    Your eyes have journeyed on a sleep that no man awakes from

    We could cry you a river of tears... more »

  • The Long Gone Writer

    William Shakespeare,
    He was a guru in his craft

    He was so perfect that his words... more »

  • The Market Girl I Saw

    My heart was touched, even without you cutting through my chest
    I heard you were coming towards me, but still I stayed
    Until you came and went on your kneels and you begged... more »

  • This Is Nigeria

    This is Nigeria
    Where the sounds of bomb blasts have become the music of the city
    And the best music group goes to the group, Boko Haram
    But each time there perform, lives are lost.... more »