• All Round Me

    On the soil of my heart
    The seed of your love shall germinate
    Nothing shall pull us apart
    Heaven, itself, approves of our being mate... more »

  • Change In The Heart

    God cause a change 2 occur
    1st in d heart of men
    4 out of d abundance of d heart
    D mouth speaks... more »

  • Fall Out Of Love

    I beg tears to come
    To flow freely from my eyes
    Hoping that my burden will be light
    Wishing that my pain will be relieved... more »

  • I Am A Youth

    I am Young, I have strength and vigour
    I am Obedient, I obey and respect elders as God commanded in his laws
    I am Up-to-date, I listen and learn always
    I have Tentacles, I can acheive what I want, when I want to... more »

  • I Pray God To Keep Me

    Not for myself but for you
    'Cause you truly love me
    Love should bring joy and not cause a flu... more »

  • Indeed The Hen Gets Wet

    Your life, you spent
    That strife might depart from our tent
    You went extra mile
    That we might enjoy eternal smile... more »

  • Lord Jesus Christ, Thanks For Your Sacrifice

    Ruthlessly the judgement was pronounced
    A shameful death sentence
    To be carried out at the place of a skull
    For all to see and mock him... more »

  • My Angel In The Dark

    When I was empty with thought and dead, she came with the food for thought to spur me back to life
    When I was lonely, she kept me company
    When I fell and couldn't rise, she lent a helping hand
    When I was hurt and weak, she came healing my wound... more »

  • My Israel

    The day we met shall ever remain memorable
    The road we met shall remain fresh and unforgetable
    If I had bowed to the power of friction
    Nature will never forgive my submission... more »

  • No One

    No one wants me
    No one loves me
    'cos I am no one
    No one to be cared for... more »

  • Prayer For My Enemies

    Lord, I pray for my enemies
    Grant them a change of heart
    Let them see the harm in their actions... more »

  • Sunrise

    At Sunrise...
    Prayers were said, Hopes were raised
    Strenght were renewed, Dreams were fresh
    And Light appears for all to see... more »

  • Tears

    Tears expresses overwhelming joy
    Tears expresses deep sorrow
    Yet Tears remains thesame... more »

  • The Crisis Of My Life

    Christ intervene in the crisis
    That crisis which is rocking my life
    Cos my life had been named
    Named after this crisis... more »

  • Will You Marry Me My Lady?

    A good friend...
    Is expensive than the diamond
    Is precious than the Gold
    Is worth having and emulating... more »