Popoola Oladeji Abdullahi is presently a 200 level student of the department of Aquaculture and Fisheries Management, faculty of Renewable and Natural Resources, University of Ibadan. He bagged his NCE certificate in Agric Education from the Federal College of Education (special) Oyo, Oyo state. He likes to express his emotion and thought in poetic form and He likes to learn through the creative work of others. you can reach him through his Social media account.
Fb: Ohpopoola
IG: Holafocus
Twitter: Oladejis
WhatApp: 09039658920



Only In My Dream

She sedates me with her petals fragrance,
A times, after a rainy day, her rainbow lines
the sky and descends on my heart.... more »

Where I Come From

You can throw me stones because I cast,
or declare me wanted because I define
my fatherland. I am not a bastard.
Let me talk! You can toss the coin hundred times,... more »

A Tale Of My Dream

Oh! My viable seed laid on the surface
of perfect loam in the midst of it consanguinity
I called weeds. It set forth and grew sprout,
a moment of joy! it Struggled to grow among hundred... more »


Knowledge is power, to achieve success from uncertainty is fortuitous, to clean a dirty life story it is not an easy task, for the world to celebrate you and rejoice with you it is not a matter of working with the hand of the clock, but a wise plan with time - Oladeji

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