• Don'T Even Try...

    Don't even try your looking back
    At this gloom dark, at this gloom ice;
    There someone waits on your feet's track,
    You can't stop answering his eyes.... more »

  • In The Name Of The Word...

    In the name of the word that, my dear,
    Is best one and single for us,
    Again fall in love with me here,
    And tell me all this and - at once.... more »

  • Not Till The Silver

    Not till the silver nor the golden wed
    I will proceed to live with you, my friend.
    But we have had the iron one before -
    It'd gone through flames of the ferocious war.... more »

  • Promise

    My foes will be not by my perish consoled -
    They won't have a reason to pour the false tears.
    The hook, I'm to hang on, still isn't in a board,
    It's not even forged, its ore lies in the earth.... more »

  • The Answer

    But I tell you that there are not
    The years, that I for empty hold,
    The ways, without a goal set,
    The messages that nothing had.... more »

  • The Hope

    I still have a hope to come back to my life
    Just having waked up at the morn, good enough, -
    At early, light one - all in crystal-clear dew -
    Where boughs are set in the brilliant hue,... more »

  • The Trial

    And you'll have strengths enough
    To see and know again
    How all that was your love
    Will start to bring a pain.... more »

  • To The Song

    Wake as you want, but wake in me from sleep -
    In cold, and numb and bottomless a deep.

    I do not dream to say a single word,... more »