• A Ring Of Stars

    A sunbeam propelled to an unknown distance
    May in it's travel encounter resistance.
    This causes a gravity wave to be made
    Then this is propelled into another wave. At the point of impact they split rise or fall.... more »

  • Earth

    I wonder if everyone wonders as I do.
    As a child, student, Entrepreneur, wife, mother,
    grandmother, sister, Aunt, Sweet Adeline, and writer,
    I still spend the bulk of my time wondering.... more »

  • Perhaps

    If it is true as Darwin states
    Same species can new species make.
    A molecule holds a simple code
    And delivers it to a new abode. Four chemicals is all it actually takes... more »

  • Perhaps Too

    I always wonder about the origin of the races.
    I believe we all arrived from different places.
    Mot in space crafts but from ocean depths and shores
    Transported as D.N.A embedded in meteors.... more »