• Be Not Afraid

    Be not afraid
    Have faith and believe
    Whatever life will give
    Have patience have courage... more »

  • How Can I Tell You I Love You

    Words are not enough to explain to you
    How to tell you how much I LOVE YOU
    Though we're far apart I'm still thinkong of you
    It's because my heart belongs to you... more »

  • If Only I Could

    If only Icould fly
    I'll soar up into the blue sky
    Have a closer look to the stars at night
    Stars with brightlydazzling lights... more »

  • Love Is Sweeter The Second Time Around!

    Before my very eyes I was engrossed of sharing
    I was deeply rooted of loving
    Someone like you for you mean everything
    In myself in my whole being... more »

  • My Greatest Prize!

    God has bleesed my life
    For HE had given me a child
    A child who made me inspired
    The fountain of my happiness my pride... more »

  • My Inspiration!

    Somewhere in my lonely life
    I found something that spark like fire
    It gave me strenght to inspire
    Also lifted my spirit for awhile... more »

  • When Love Is Around!

    When love is around you
    Don't hesitate to show
    Follow what your heart dictates you what to do
    Then life will be in full swing too... more »