• 3.20am

    I remember your inner thighs,
    your awakening warmth on my skin,
    how it felt like toffee rain.
    You dripped a kiss into my dreams... more »

  • Ancient Loneliness

    I watched him at the window,
    gray hair peering at the dawn,
    mimicking the morning frost,
    his face cut like winter’s throat.... more »

  • Ascension

    You take me up into a sordid heaven,
    a soft space of wet choirs and fizzing stars.
    There, in your eyes, I find burning angels,
    and a pack of smouldering white veils glow beneath me.... more »

  • Bed

    This bed
    in the finished morning,
    white masses
    returned to rest,... more »

  • Breakfast

    It was already noon
    but I was awake.
    You came into the kitchen,
    a black band tied hurriedly in your hair,... more »

  • Capture

    In the darkness
    a door
    opened.... more »

  • Concealments

    I find you waiting in me
    Sometimes, like hundreds of
    Humid birds ready in their
    Trees, caged in twilight, waiting... more »

  • Curtains

    Dawn flickers with your glorious wet scent
    and I burn beneath it like electric glass.
    During the dark and rainy hours,
    where outside, heavily coated people roamed the streets,... more »

  • Disappearing Act

    I count the sounds
    coming off your body;
    the back and forth
    and back... more »

  • Even If

    Even if I told you today, you still wouldn’t really know.
    If I said I wanted to take you away with me one last time,
    press you to me and talk about it in the night and the rain,
    or go to a place where we could just be two drops that fall,... more »

  • First

    I open my eyes
    for the first time.
    For the first time,
    you are beside me... more »

  • Forgotten

    Maybe tomorrow
    I will touch you
    just there.
    Maybe tomorrow... more »

  • Harm

    Light waited long for you, alone and lost,
    sheltering homelessly outside my house.
    Hung with moths and cold, it held closely itself,
    tracing yellow walls and the footsteps of the night.... more »

  • Interlude

    In the night’s forgotten hour
    you closed me into your eyes,
    their black shine taste in my mouth.
    Walking blindly in the snow,... more »

  • Love Face

    There is a garden in you,
    a field of low clouds and smashed pebbles;
    fertile night growing in soft, damp beach sand.
    You sprout lost shapes from the shadows of our between,... more »

  • New Skin

    I want to be there in the morning,
    to feel you stir in the naked heat,
    and hear you moving in the sheets.
    I would watch your face wake,... more »

  • Nowhere

    Your burst apricot breath,
    Smelling like unmotivated bells
    Drudging in the heat,... more »

  • Opening

    In the room
    is the sea
    and its drowned
    piano.... more »

  • Privacy

    I love you when
    you never remember
    to switch the light off
    in the bathroom... more »

  • Slowness

    Standing in the space between when we touch and when we don’t,
    I watched from a distance as we kissed.
    Together we had formed a tunnel;
    something roared inside its depths,... more »

  • Solstice

    Midnight sun rides your breath,
    cold yellow air,
    the sound of souls splitting.
    Ice on the windowsill,... more »

  • Someone

    I never imagined
    it would happen like this.
    Three seats away from me
    in a dark cinema, you,... more »

  • Something Lost

    How will you remember me?
    Wet hands redeeming flesh,
    my liquid smell spread across your body.
    Those nights we spent hidden away like ghosts,... more »

  • Sun

    I wait for you in the morning sun
    the morning sun.
    Here in the morning sun,
    its light burning, burning... more »

  • Surrender

    You would dropp into my mouth like an old bell,
    or wind from fire stopping suddenly in a corridor.
    It’s along those musky halls that I found you,
    your delicate steps measured the stretch of night,... more »