I am a very nice person, whos has gone through a lot in my life. Many people are always asking me questions and I am always willing to help. I love writing poetry because I feel it is a great way to express what is going inside your mind. A poem is written when you feel strongly about something or someone.
Most of my poetry is based of friends, and family members. I pretend to be them, to put a more powerful fealing into the poems.
I love making people feel better, and expressing my feelings.Thanks for visting my page. Please feel free to write to me.


Olivia Anne Poems

Thank You

I am running and spinning
This is my life, and I’m winning
Jump up and down... more »

Let This Be Your Journey

Air blowing in our faces
So many different places

I’m going to show you the world... more »

Help Me Find My Way

When the rain falls down
And theres no one else around
To watch me fall to the ground
I start to say... more »

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Aaron Seng 09 Dec 2007 01:10
Hi im writing you for one reason, i've never met an Olivia. I myself have had so much an so little. Allthough you don't know me I have a voice. And the hope that you will read my thoughts clearly. I am not marryied nor am i single. As you will see I long for a friend to give me advice on life. Please help me understand. This is a wish i have not reseved in so long. P.S. Someone too talk to with a heart is so hard to come by.......