• A Gift

    Who is that I'm looking at
    Whose smile is hidden beneath all the stress
    Whose tears are hidden beneath the innocent face
    Where not a single bad thing could possibly be traced... more »

  • Can'T They See?

    Can’t they see what they are doing to themselves?
    Can’t they see what they are turning into?

    Can’t they see that it’s causing more pain?... more »

  • Help Me Find My Way

    When the rain falls down
    And theres no one else around
    To watch me fall to the ground
    I start to say... more »

  • I Just Don'T Know

    I just don’t know anymore

    I just don’t know if I really love you
    I say I don’t but then I have these second thoughts... more »

  • I Miss Those Times

    I bury our photograph into the ashes of the fire
    Didn’t know you could be such a liar
    I throw away the gifts you gave to me... more »

  • I Shake In Fear

    I shake in fear as you tell me more
    Grabbing your hand I start to cry
    I walk away through the open door... more »

  • I'Ve Seen You Before

    You may not know me
    You may have never even seen me
    But I’ve seen you... more »

  • Last Look

    That last look
    At the life they took
    Don’t even try
    This is goodbye... more »

  • Let This Be Your Journey

    Air blowing in our faces
    So many different places

    I’m going to show you the world... more »

  • Life

    Life is a race
    It goes by fast
    It is a lighting bolt
    But this bolt we want to make it last... more »

  • Thank You

    I am running and spinning
    This is my life, and I’m winning
    Jump up and down... more »

  • They Call Her Lucy

    They call that girl Lucy
    The one with the golden brown hair
    The girl who never has a care... more »

  • Today Is The Day

    Today is the day I die
    Today is the day I cry... more »