• Drowning In The Past

    Walking though the hallway of my mind
    Looking at everything I’ve left behind
    All The ghosts that refused to die
    And the lingering question of Why?... more »

  • Life That Was

    Open your eyes to a world anew
    This is the first day for a baby who never knew
    That in false pretences was life explained, and that in this life the only love is pain
    Those who should love you most are the ones breaking you down... more »

  • Mental Break (Random Rant Poem)

    Big fucking deal one more goodbye, It’s been a part of every aspect of my life
    I sit here and try, I tell you no lie and this is how it goes down?
    I never wanted anything more then to find someone like you
    You didn’t need to be perfect, because I loved you for you... more »

  • Puppet

    Rip out my heart strings and play a bloody lullaby
    Take me for all I am and tear me down inside
    Let your claws shred my heart, It was already broken for the start
    I gave you all I was, but it seems that it wasn’t good enough... more »

  • Requiem For A Broken Heart

    Hear the beat, the beating of my heart
    I look at them at it starts, my heart beating faster and slower all at the same time
    My mind couldn’t think of anything else but that their mine
    Closing my eyes, thinking of their smile and just how wild they are... more »

  • Untitled And Unfinished

    Breathing in and Breathing out, losing feeling and sight of the night
    The cold air that hits my face as I look out to the fire dancing on the city
    The ashes look like fireflies racing past the glass, burning out
    Voices that can’t be distinguished, the words they say escape... more »

  • Wicked

    Blood rushing down the pen, hitting the page it’s all a mistake
    The story starts… with an innocent heart caught by a wicked eye
    Lured with promises, the sweetest lies, building up to a bitter demise
    The shadow lurking, found its pray…... more »