• Daybreak

    My daybreak eludes me.
    When I am in the dark,
    My light escapes me.... more »

  • Isn'T Life Grand?

    A smile could bring a thousand tears
    A frown can do a swing of jynx.
    Somehow the answer of the question you ask
    Only leads you to another path.... more »

  • My World

    Anyone can see me
    But see through me.
    I am visible but invisible
    Usable but disposable... more »

  • On Waiting

    I've waited so long,
    For a the return of a friend I forever know
    I'm keeping the pain
    And the doubt that maybe she won't return.... more »

  • She Wilts

    The flower wilts again.
    Once vibrant, fragrant and alive
    Now, just dried up of light.... more »

  • The Dance

    He kissed her cheek and held her hand
    Caught her heart with just a dance.
    Under the starlit night-
    Two souls entwined by time.... more »

  • The Heart Goes On Beating

    The beating of my heart goes on
    Even if I had to leave a part of it
    To a place I’ve been before
    But never will be at anymore.... more »

  • To The One Who Left

    You are gone, but you're still here with me.
    You're the dust, unseen in the wind, yet visible
    -when the sunlight stabs you in the heart.
    You are here in me, yet I'm still me... more »