• A Knowledge Of Life And Death

    Why do poets so often dream of death,
    And face it so unafriad.
    Is it because they know so greatly of life,
    And what passes us each day?... more »

  • And

    I watch the seconds tick by
    And the minutes are the same but the hour hands point to different numbers
    And I go around the circle and I count them one by one
    I watch as that little red dial moves between them but never closes the distance.... more »

  • In My Place

    You died before I lived
    I think I've missed you every day that I have
    You taught me one great lesson baby
    But I'd rather have you than it.... more »

  • I'Ve Got A Hunger...

    My hands are shaking, feet tapping, heart pounding
    My minds racing, reeling, never relenting
    Everything gets to me.
    Everything.... more »

  • Maps..

    And at night we light the earth like little christmas trees
    each tower, lamp, lighthouse seen
    from space a distant reverie
    if only... more »

  • Misinterpretation

    She looked upon the dreary world,
    Into the shadows of the night
    The people asked her to look further more
    But she told them she saw a beautiful sight... more »

  • Rattle

    drink the amber tea,
    let it seep through your sleek feathers
    and remember
    what you do now only matters in halves... more »

  • Some Things..

    Ah, and this is not the waiting game,
    I will not wait for you in the eves
    Of trees we once played in
    On empty swings... more »