• A Mother's Words

    Your mother wants you to do certain things,
    When you want to dance,
    She tells you to sing,
    When you want a necklace,... more »

  • America

    America the beautiful,
    America the great,
    America suits us all,
    America I cannot hate... more »

  • Birthdays

    Birthdays are just so special,
    And they are so much fun,
    You can have a good party,
    And invite everyone,... more »

  • Chocolate

    Chocolate, chocolate,
    Chocolate fudge,
    Do I dare?... more »

  • Flower

    Flower, flower grow for me,
    Become a flower from a seed,
    Grow your roots and a stem,
    Let the water come right in... more »

  • Halle

    Halle was born yesterday,
    So small and little,
    And precious I say,
    Lamaya and Leilanie so happy now,... more »

  • Home

    There's no place like home,
    Many people do say,
    Where would you roam,
    If you had nowhere to lay?... more »

  • Maygan

    Maygan my best friend.
    We'll be friends,
    'Til the end,... more »

  • Old Friend

    I saw my old friend yesterday,
    I was upset cuz she didn't say hey,
    We used to be friends times before,
    Now I see those times are no more... more »

  • One Of Those Days

    When you think the day is gonna be good,
    But it goes terribly wrong,
    Your feelings get hurt,
    And you feel so misunderstood,... more »

  • Prisoner

    I am a prisoner,
    A prisoner of life,
    I don't know how to live,
    I have so much strife,... more »

  • Risks

    Be who you want,
    Don't be afraid,
    What you've got, flaunt,
    Don't let anyone rain on your parade... more »

  • School Days

    Summer's over time for school,
    No more tanning at the beach,
    Or swimming at the pool,... more »

  • Sky

    You can try to touch the sky,
    But you'd have to try and try,
    Try to touch the pretty blue,
    Try to escape from the world you knew,... more »

  • Smile

    Smile for allof your blessings,
    Smile for your life,
    Smile to say I love you,
    Smile for you have no strife,... more »

  • Summertime

    Summertime, summertime
    Oh how I love the summertime
    Swimming at the pool, tanning at the beach
    No more listening to your teacher teach... more »

  • Water

    Water is pure,
    Water is natural,
    Water is healthy,
    Water can help all... more »